Cohesive & Co. Highlighted As A Top Brand At Trendy Butler

Posted on September 01 2015

Up and coming Los Angeles based men's subscription apparel platform, Trendy Butler (, wrote an editorial welcoming Cohesive & Co. to the Trendy Butler line

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Cohesive & Co., a Los Angeles-based men’s clothing brand founded in 2004, captures the unique lifestyle of Angelenos with their products. Although Southern Californians have a relaxed demeanor, the metropolitan hustle and bustle of Downtown Los Angeles demands alertness. Cohesive & Co. relishes classy yet casual men's style, and their signature use of dot patterns captures this unique trend in men’s fashion. The staple polka dot was used as a formal element in men’s fashion in the 1800’s, and it is still used today to add character to high-end menswear. Just like the polka dot pattern is versatile, Cohesive & Co. clothing is for guys who participate in street culture but also appreciate the finer things in life.

Here are some of the features you can expect from a Cohesive & Co. piece:

Unique Patterns — The patterned shirts and pants released by Cohesive feature unique use of common patterns. They take trends from formal wear, like elbow patches, and apply them to casual wear, thus adding classic style to an otherwise common clothing item.

Quality Materials — Their t-shirts are soft and weightless, and you can see how much care they put into their jackets from the stitching: the individual threads are woven tightly yet comfortably together, and add to the visual aesthetic of the jacket itself.


Versatility — Cohesive apparel can be worn in just about every setting; their clothes fit in just as well at work as they do on a night out.

When asked about the 'Polka Dot Pattern' that Cohesive & Co. has created as their design, CEO & Creative Director Sasan Parsakar said:

"The Polka dot has long been a fashion staple, commonly associated with formalwear pieces of the 1800s.  More recently, the Polka dot has been readopted by the affluent and the ivy-league as a whimsical detail or accent, found in neckties, shirts, and dress socks.  These polka dots signify an association with a certain caliber of a “ Men’s High Society Club”.  The Cohesive Polka Dot is an adaptation of this heritage and it's inherent symbolism.  Instead of pairing the Polka Dot with other apparel elements of similar origin and usage, Cohesive mixes them with other more edgy apparel attributes more commonly associated with rockers, motorcycle enthusiasts, and the working class hero."

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