About Us

Cohesive & Co., is known around Los Angeles as being the connecting bridge between a business oriented fashion forward approach while being able to perfectly mix in an aura of contemporary street design. In a city defined by style, we define our city through our work. Being locals to Los Angeles, we were influenced by the vast approach taken by the multitude in all creative venues of art, music, and design, assuring each piece that leaves our offices carries a piece of Los Angeles with it.    



Since 2008, we have made a point to revel in our contrast by combining that high-end business fashion finesse with the heart of Los Angeles street life to create a unique and impeccable brand that truly represents all aspects of what it is to be a man of unique taste. Instead of following the traditional fold by developing bland rinse and repeat attire, Cohesive breaks the mold. By redefining the transcendence of acceptable social boundaries by pushing the envelope for contemporary pieces, we have created one of the most unique lines on the market today. Every design maintains simple classic elements while blending in some of the edgiest concepts in today’s fashion.



By readopting high-end fashion into more approachable patterns, this opens a gateway of inspiration for men with an original and unique lifestyle. We believe that a man’s way to success is to expose himself to a variety of influences; and a Cohesive piece in his wardrobe helps put him in a position to do just that. Cohesive affords a man more limitless access, thus allowing him to be a part of one group while maintaining elements of many others, opening a wider array of dress options and opportunities.




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